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London Film Academy is now internationally recognised as an innovative film school that offers more than just an education in film the Egyptian Media Group acquired 50% of the owned Misr Cinema Company. In November 2016, the Egyptian Media Group acquired 50% of Synergy Production Egyptian media own a group of on channels and some radio channels: Nagham FM, Mega FM, Radio Hits, It also owns some newspapers: Youm Seven, The Celebrity Eye, The Voice of the Nation, Dot Masr, Egypt Today   مجموعة الإعلام المصرين استحوذت المجموعة المصرية للإعلام على 50٪ من شركة مصر للسينما المملوكة . في نوفمبر 2016 ، استحوذت المجموعة المصرية للإعلام على 50٪ من Synergy Production و تملك اعلام المصريين مجموعة قنوات اون و بعض من القنوات الاذاعية : نغم اف ام , ميجا اف ام , ريديو هيتس, وتستحوذ ايضا على بعض الجرائد : اليوم السابع, عين المشاهير, صوت الامة, دوت مصر, مصر اليوم
Our Services: Filmmaking, videography, Editing, Coloring, Color Correction
Date: August 24, 2022
Date October, 2017
Client Egyptian Media
Category Video Production
Location London, England

We are a leading media production company based in Egypt, now serving clients in the United Arab Emirates. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations tell their unique stories through stunning visuals and engaging audio.


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