Samo Hagras Session

Project summary

Samo Hagras  is an egyptian designer, One of the most important fashion designers in the Arab world and is interested in high-end fashion work began his career in 2007, And now he is one of the most famous designer in egypt and the most actresses wear from his collections.

We used a wire cam to track the models at the show


سامو هجرس هو مصمم مصري ، من أهم مصممي الأزياء في الوطن العربي ويهتم بأعمال الأزياء الراقية بدأ مسيرته الفنية عام 2007 ، والآن هو من أشهر المصممين في مصر وأغلب الممثلات يرتدون ملابس

Our Services: Photography, Color Retouch

Date: August 24, 2022
Date: October 28, 2019
Client: Samo Hagras
Category: Photography
Location: Egypt

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